Our Special Types of Manicures

"Pamper the hands that you overuse daily"

Classic Shack Manicure

            Price: $15

Simple yet clean!

Begin by soaking your fingers in a warm aroma water bath. Your cuticles will then be treated and nails will be filed and buffed. Your arms will be massaged with a silkening hydrating mask to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Polish will then be applied to your choice.   



Deluxe Shack Manicure 

            Price: $25


A manicure that has been perfected! In addition to our classic, an exfoliation with pure extracts will help remove unwanted dead skin from your arms. Later, indulge your hands in a collagen hand mask that will saturate your skin with moisture. 



Gel Manicure 

            Price: $32

Fast, Instant Dry

All the benefits of a manicure but no waiting time for drying of polish. Gel polish will give you the look of a perfect manicure for up to two (2) weeks. We carry OPI Gel Color and Gelish Harmony brands. We also offer a variety of Metalic (Mirror Polish) and Mood Polish.




Additional Services

Gel Polish w/any manicure      _________________       $15 add on

Gel polish change ONLY           _________________       $20

Gel Polish Removal                    _________________       $5

Nail Art                                         _________________       $5 & up

French                                        _________________       $5 & up